Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Setting Standards and Copying

I hear creatives complaining frequently about being copied.  It surprises me because most of the time, they did not invent what is being copied.

I just saw a commercial for the Chevrolet Equinox.  They were proudly touting themselves as the first car to offer wifi.  That is awesome!  

I have no intention of buying that particular vehicle, but expect that my next car will have wifi.  Just like any other great option,  buyers will expect that feature to become a standard.  Plus, Chevrolet didn't invent wifi - they just applied it. So they probably won't lose any sleep when everyone else is doing the same thing.   They will get some benefit from being first, and then move on to the next innovation - like leaders do.

Being the first to adapt a concept is not the same as owning it.

"Steal my idea and make it better, so I can steal it back" -  Ira

What do you think?