Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Decor doesn't matter!

I am always struck when a prospective client says that the flowers don't matter or that no one remembers the linens.  First, because I make it clear in my website bio, everything I say, and hopefully in my work - that flowers matter to me!  And second,  context matters.

Context helps us to understand how to feel and what to do.  For example, when an invitation is engraved you know that the event is somewhat formal and traditional.  When an event is being held outside in a garden you know to wear the appropriate heel.  And so on.

Also, think about taking a walk or having a picnic.  These lovely activities feel so much more amazing when the sun is shining.  And I know I feel more invigorated if the air is crisp, or more  cozy in a lamp-lit room.  Some restaurants feel family-friendly, and others romantic, and you can tell instantly when you are in an upscale establishment.  The environment sets the tone.

All the elements - flowers, decor, and lighting contribute to the mood and clarify the feeling.

At Isha Foss Events, we love creating an environment that frames and enhances your celebration.  Because people remember the way we make them feel~!


  1. OMG very well said. I am lucky my clients LOVE flowers. So far (fingers crossed) I have been training them well..

  2. You've expressed this perfectly! So true!

  3. This is interesting.. Great Wonderful wedding planning Ideas.. Awesome Thanks..


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