Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Floral Compotes!

A compote (or comport) is a stemmed bowl used to serve the fruit dessert "compote".  As with everything else, florists have co-opted this vessel for the creation of beautiful floral designs!

Here are some of the milk glass compotes in my collection.

Milk Glass, milkglass, compotes Isha Foss Events

A group of like-minded floral friends,  "Chapel Designers", decided that we would all express our personal style in a synchronized posting around this timeless vessel.

Here are some of the designs that I created in the style.

Peonies, anemone, french tulips in milk glass compote, Isha Foss Events

A classic arrangement of peony, azalea, anemone, french tulips, confederate jasmine, seeded eucalyptus, and blueberry in milk glass.

White roses, amaranthus, jasmine in urn, Isha Foss Events

I used an aged bronze container to hold a lush arrangement of spray roses, spirea, hypericum, dusty miller, confederate jasmine, and hanging amaranthus.

Capiz, Succulent, Shell, Fan Coral Floral Design, Isha Foss Events

For this sea inspired design, I chose fan coral, succulents, capiz, budleia, grasses, and spanish moss.  This metal container is meant to look like copper with verdigris patina.

All images copyright Isha Foss Events

Earlier this week Martha Stewart posted on compotes {great minds think alike}!  Read more Crazy for Compotes!

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